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Join CeLLife Technologies Oy Mission to Revolutionize Battery Technology  

Are you passionate about solving environmental challenges? Do you believe we can find better solutions to manage our waste, particularly from lithium-ion batteries which are projected to exceed one million tons globally by 2030? If you are motivated to make a difference, keep reading.  

Who We Are  

CeLLife Technologies Ltd is at the forefront of the battery industry, offering a patented AI-based diagnostic technology that provides the fastest and most precise analysis of battery cells, modules, and systems. Our Electrical Fingerprint Platform (EFP) delivers critical data in seconds, enhancing the performance and quality control for electric vehicle battery manufacturers and recyclers. We operate from our expanding office in Tampere.  

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced  

SW LEAD to join our team and play a pivotal role in the design, planning, and maintenance of our CeLLife Battery, Perfected Cloud-based solution product. You will work closely with our R&D development team to drive innovation and excellence in our software offerings. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Lead and guide the software team, including hiring future team members and managing subcontractors. 
  • Architect cloud-native solutions and manage cloud infrastructure. 
  • Handle technical communication with key customers during the sales phase and manage customer feedback post-delivery. 
  • Implement and advocate for agile development practices within the team. 
  • Build and integrate IoT and measurement systems in an industrial environment. 
  • Develop and maintain robust, well-architected full-stack software solutions following industry best practices. 
  • Design and implement software architecture following principles such as solid and clean architecture. 
  • Architect cloud-native solutions and manage cloud infrastructure. 
  • Data Management and Analytics: Design and implement database systems for efficient and secure battery data storage that enables advanced data analytics techniques to derive actionable insights from large datasets. 
  • Data Security: Design and implement rigorous security measures to protect data, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations 

Technical Requirements: 

  • Programming Languages: Strong expertise in Python, C# (modern .NET 8 or later), and TypeScript. 
  • Frameworks: Proficient in ASP.NET Core and React. 
  • Databases: Experience with SQL databases, particularly PostgreSQL and SQLite, including database design and the application of data analytics. 
  • Cloud Architecture: Experience with AWS or other cloud providers. 
  • API Design: Proficient in REST API design; experience with gRPC and WebSocket is a plus. 


We are looking for an innovative and forward-thinking individual who proactively stays updated on the latest cloud-service technologies and utilizes AI-driven data analysis tools to drive advancements in data-based battery diagnostics. If you are highly skilled SW professional, we would love to hear from you! 

We offer:  

  • The opportunity to work in an innovative and growing start-up company.  
  • Competitive salary and benefits.  
  • An inspiring and supportive working environment. A stimulating and motivating work environment.  
  • The opportunity to make a significant impact on future battery measurement technology solutions.  

Please notice that this position is located in Tampere Pirkanmaa and it requires on-site presence.  

Sanna Pelli Consulting is responsible for this recruitment. Send your application and CV by 23th June 2024 to https://recruitcrm.io/apply/17170628930190048009EAb.   Include a short description of why you would be the right person for this position.   

Battery, perfected. CeLLife Technologies Ltd is a pioneering deep technology startup specializing in advanced diagnostics, measurement, and quality control for the battery industry. CeLLife has the fastest and most accurate diagnostic technology for measuring, selecting, and balancing new or used battery cells on an industrial scale.  

CeLLIfe Technologies Ltd 

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