CeLLife Technologies

Enabling Safe Second-life Batteries

CeLLife Technologies Ltd is a leading provider of innovative second-life battery cell solutions.

CeLLife has the most accurate and fastest diagnostic technology on the market to measure, select and balance new or used battery cells on an industrial scale.


CeLLife Diagnostics

CeLLife provides quality assurance and testing technologies for battery industry manufacturers and stakeholders. CeLLife’s Electrical Fingerprint Platform is the fastest and most accurate measuring diagnostics technology available on an industrial scale.
Measures the electrical fingerprint of a Li-ion battery cell in seconds—one Cell test time is less than 2 seconds with over 2000 data points. CeLLife’s diagnostics works for all cell and battery chemistries and types – with our technology, we can measure new and old cells, modules, and battery packs.

CeLLife Second-Life Cells


CeLLife Technologies has developed a model to refurbish Li-Ion battery cells on an industrial scale. Our safe second-life battery cells are tested for maximum quality, durability, performance, and affordability. Produced cells are more homogeneous than new ones.​

With our Second-Life Battery Cell refurbish technology we can produce environmental friendly Li-Ion battery cells that meets the ESG principles with less C02 emissions



Unique Competitive Advantage

CeLLife measurement provides 2000 data points, 100 times more than competing technologies. Without such a large amount of data, it is not possible to reliably evaluate the critical indicators of the battery, such as:
  1. Available capacity
  2. Remaining life span
  3. Internal Factors that affect fire safety
  4. Performance with different discharge and charge currents
  5. Performance at different temperatures
  6. The danger of internal short circuit
  7. Self-discharge

CeLLife measurement provides 2000 data points, 100 times more than competing technologies.


CeLLife Technologies Oy

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Roni Luhtala

CEO, Founder

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Mikko Leiwo

Sales Director, Partner

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