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Battery, perfected.

CeLLife Technologies Ltd is a pioneering deep technology company specializing in advanced diagnostics, measurement, and quality control for the battery industry.

CeLLife has the most accurate and fastest diagnostic technology on the market to measure, select, and balance new or second-life battery cells on an industrial scale.

About company

Battery, perfected.

Battery, perfected. CeLLife Technologies Ltd is a pioneering deep technology company specializing in advanced diagnostics, measurement, and quality control for the battery industry.

Central to CeLLife’s offering is a patented AI-based Electrical Fingerprint Platform (EFP) measurement technology renowned as the world’s fastest and most accurate. This technology enables swift and precise analysis of battery cells, modules, and systems, providing critical data in seconds.

Complementing our groundbreaking technology is CeLLife’s innovative cloud reporting platform, CeLLife – Battery Perfected Cloud, which provides seamless access to comprehensive insights and analytics, empowering our clients to make informed decisions in real-time.

Our clients includes leading companies from the battery manufacturing and recycling industries, benefiting from our tailored solutions for optimizing production processes, enhancing product quality, and ensuring sustainability.

CeLLife’s innovative approach revolutionizes battery performance assessment and quality control, catering to renewable energy storage, electric vehicles, and portable electronics sectors.

As a pioneer in intelligent and digital battery measurement technology, CeLLife Technologies Ltd is committed to improving the efficiency and safety of battery products with its innovative solutions.

Founded in 2022, the company is headquartered in Tampere, Finland, and is rooted in the extensive research on rapid measurement technologies conducted at Tampere University.


To perfect and reperfect every battery.

Through our Electrical Fingerprint Platform (EFP) technology, every battery can achieve its highest form of excellence. Our goal is to maximize the potential of every battery, conserving valuable raw materials and reducing waste


Powered for lifecycles to come.

A vital part of the future of humanity

Our vision is a world where humanity has the power to achieve its dreams and enhance the life of each individual. Our solutions are designed to endure and support future generations.

Circular vision

In our lifecycle, we can do our best to make sure that the planet is not made worse off, conserving valuable raw materials and reducing waste.

Our offering is derived from our vision

We can offer an innovative process of giving batteries a second lifecycle. Maximize the potential of every battery, thus taking us closer to circular economy.


CeLLife Battery Perfected Cloud

Introducing CeLLife’s Battery Perfected Cloud, where our advanced measurement EFP-technology is now available with modern reporting and analysis tools.

Our cutting-edge Cloud-technology ensures meticulous measurement and analysis, delivering reliable results for laboratory experiments, R&D phases, and full-scale production lines alike. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven insights at every stage of battery development.

Boost product traceability with seamless integration, guaranteeing uniform data across all development phases. Uncover detailed root causes with ease, empowering your team to refine processes and elevate product quality.

Harness the power of AI-driven measurements for comprehensive insights throughout the cell lifecycle. From module assembly to routine maintenance and second-life assessments, our technology revolutionizes how you approach battery management.”

CeLLife Diagnostics Devices

CeLLife provides quality assurance and testing technologies for battery manufacturers and industry stakeholders. Its Electrical Fingerprint Platform (EFP) is the fastest and most accurate industrial diagnostics technology.
It measures the electrical fingerprint of a Li-ion battery cell in seconds – one cell test time is less than 2 seconds, with over 2,000 data points.
CeLLife’s AI-based EFP diagnostics works for all cell and battery chemistries and types – with our technology, we can measure new and second-life cells, modules, and battery packs.

CeLLife Second-Life Cell Technology


CeLLife Technologies has developed a model to refurbish Li-Ion battery cells on an industrial scale.

Our safe second-life battery technology tests cells for maximum quality, durability, performance, and affordability. Produced cells are more homogeneous than new ones.

With CeLLife Second-Life Battery Cell Technology, our clients can refurbish environmentally friendly Li-Ion battery cells that meet the ESG principles with less C02 emissions



Unique Competitive Advantage

CeLLife measurement provides 2,000 data points in seconds. It is as accurate as the finest laboratory device and as fast as the quickest production line tester – the perfect solution for high-volume battery testing on an industrial scale. 

Comprehensive CeLLife measurements reveal all essential information inside any battery for overall quality control. The Electrical Fingerprint Platform (EFP) is harnessed to analyze the data and to evaluate critical indicators of every measured battery, such as:  

  1. Overall quality 
  2. Performance 
  3. Health and condition 
  4. Lifetime prediction 
  5. Safety 
  6. Electrical properties 


CeLLife measurement provides 2000 data points in seconds.

CeLLife - Battery Perfected Cloud

Introducing CeLLife’s Battery Perfected Cloud: Our EFP-technology, paired with modern reporting and analysis tools, ensures precise measurement and analysis.

Our Cloud-technology enables accurate data collection for laboratory experiments, R&D, and production lines, eliminating guesswork and providing data-driven insights.

Seamless integration guarantees uniform data across all development phases, facilitating detailed root cause analysis and process refinement.

Leverage AI-driven measurements for comprehensive insights across the cell lifecycle, transforming battery management from assembly to maintenance and second-life assessments.

Battery cells, modules and packs (on cell level)

  • Any chemistry (also other than li-ion)
  • Any form factor
  • Any voltage
  • Any power
  • Other: Supercapasitors & Fuel Cells

Database + Algorithms + AI

  • Measurements
  • Performance analysis
  • Battery grading and sorting

Automated visualized report

  • Results, reports and statistics stored in customer ́s cloud service
  • Battery life-cycle optimization
  • Traceability and datafication leading to reliability


CeLLife Technologies Oy

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Roni Luhtala

CEO, Founder

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Mikko Leiwo

Sales Director, Partner

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Tuomas Messo

CTO, Founder

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Marko Tulonen

Chairman, Founder

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